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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing?

Medical billing is becoming more and more involved as new diseases and conditions get discovered and new codes are released, and this can become very onerous for small medical practices that do not consider outsourcing medical billing. At some stage or the other a decision needs to be reached that the amount of time and […]

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How to Start a Medical Billing Company

If you have ever thought of working for yourself, but are not sure what to do, then starting you own medical billing company could be something that you should look into. Medical billing and coding is changing rapidly as the use of technology takes over from the old paper trail. Due to this it is […]

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Medical Billing Benefits for the Patient

All of us have experienced either going to a physician or a hospital or one of our family members having to receive medical attention at some time or the other, and struggled to make sense of the bills we received and the codes they contain, but even thought they may look Greek to us, the […]

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How do you Become a Medical Billing Consultant?

Deciding to become a medical billing consultant is a very wise choice, as there will always be work for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, virtually all positions in the medical field are set to grow phenomenally in the next decade due to the increase of the baby-boomers requiring more medical attention, […]

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Medical Billing Job Description and Duties

When it comes to the medical billing job description, one generally includes the job descriptions for both medical coders and billers, as it is often one and the same person doing both jobs in small practices, although they are totally different. Although the strict definition of a medical billing job description is “assigning and translating […]

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Do you check for Medical Billing Claim Errors?

People make mistakes, and that is a fact, so be prepared for medical billing claim errors to creep in too. It is second nature to check the slip at the grocery store and ensure that we were charged correctly and get the correct change. Through the years we have even begun to realize that banks […]

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Medical Billing Training

What Medical Billing Training is Required

If you are considering a career in medical billing or coding then you need to complete a medical billing training program. Medical billing is a very rewarding career and can be done as a job for someone else, a business or a work-from-home job. Medical billing lends itself to working from home, and many individuals […]

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Medical Billing Online

How to Find a Good Medical Billing Online Program

If you are considering becoming a medical coder and biller, then an easy way to accomplish this is to study medical billing online. Taking an online course will enable you to either join the fast-growing career of medical billing or even to open your own work-from-home business as a medical coder or biller. The ability […]

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Medical Billing Codes

Medical Billing Codes Explained in Detail

Medical billing codes are codes used throughout the medical profession to describe various diagnosis and treatments, relate a disease or drug to another, and also to determine various costs and reimbursements. These codes are integral to the efficient running of all health care related institutions and the health care profession in general. When you have […]

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How to Design a Medical Billing Resume

As with anyone else applying for a post, an individual who does medical needs to set up a medical billing resume to send to prospective employers. It is important that you do this correctly, as a resume that is difficult to read or contains irrelevant information will be relegated to the infamous File 13 very […]

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