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How to Start a Medical Billing Company

If you have ever thought of working for yourself, but are not sure what to do, then starting you own medical billing company could be something that you should look into. Medical billing and coding is changing rapidly as the use of technology takes over from the old paper trail. Due to this it is […]

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Medical Billing Job Description and Duties

When it comes to the medical billing job description, one generally includes the job descriptions for both medical coders and billers, as it is often one and the same person doing both jobs in small practices, although they are totally different. Although the strict definition of a medical billing job description is “assigning and translating […]

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Average Medical Billing Salary Expectations

As much as all of us would like to have the career that we love doing and that brings us endless job satisfaction, you need to look at how much you will be getting paid to do your job. It does not help your situation much if you love your work, but you cannot put […]

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Medical Billing from Home

Medical Billing from Home as a Career Path

There are so many people who would like to get out of the mad rush to the next pay check. Some mother’s would like to work only half days so they can still earn and income while meeting their family responsibilities. It is difficult working for another company when you have bills to pay and […]

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Medical Coding Job

Pursuing a Career in Medical Coding

A medical coding job or medical coding career is not the traditional choice of many young adults, but there are many benefits to pursuing this path. A medical coder or classifier is someone who transforms medical diagnoses or procedures into numbers. These numbers are universal medical codes that allow for insurers, governments and other institutions […]

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Medical Billing Jobs

What You Need To Know about Medical Billing Jobs

When someone visits a doctor or a specialist, they receive a bill in the mail or the bill is sent to their health insurance. The doctors are usually not involved with this type of paperwork. Some doctors or specialists are so busy that their receptionists simply do not have the time to sort out which […]

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