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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing?

Medical billing is becoming more and more involved as new diseases and conditions get discovered and new codes are released, and this can become very onerous for small medical practices that do not consider outsourcing medical billing. At some stage or the other a decision needs to be reached that the amount of time and […]

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Medical Billing Benefits for the Patient

All of us have experienced either going to a physician or a hospital or one of our family members having to receive medical attention at some time or the other, and struggled to make sense of the bills we received and the codes they contain, but even thought they may look Greek to us, the […]

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Do you check for Medical Billing Claim Errors?

People make mistakes, and that is a fact, so be prepared for medical billing claim errors to creep in too. It is second nature to check the slip at the grocery store and ensure that we were charged correctly and get the correct change. Through the years we have even begun to realize that banks […]

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Medical Billing Codes

Medical Billing Codes Explained in Detail

Medical billing codes are codes used throughout the medical profession to describe various diagnosis and treatments, relate a disease or drug to another, and also to determine various costs and reimbursements. These codes are integral to the efficient running of all health care related institutions and the health care profession in general. When you have […]

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How to Design a Medical Billing Resume

As with anyone else applying for a post, an individual who does medical needs to set up a medical billing resume to send to prospective employers. It is important that you do this correctly, as a resume that is difficult to read or contains irrelevant information will be relegated to the infamous File 13 very […]

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Medical Billing Services

What To Know About Medical Billing Services

When we think about essential services of a hospital or a general practitioner’s offices we immediately think about what the doctor does first. If it wasn’t for the doctor, then there would be no services and then there would be no hospital or doctor’s office. What we do not often think about is all of […]

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A Medical Billing Business – What to Look For

If you are a physician looking for a medical billing business to handle your accounts and insurance claims, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind. Remember, this is not just another job; this is the bottom line of your practice! If billing is not done correctly it will cost you […]

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Why Is HIPAA Compliant Billing So Important?

HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software is software that is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant. The HIPAA is a comprehensive federal protective act which seeks to ensure that a patient’s personal health information is kept strictly private. All healthcare practice management software must be HIPAA-compliant by law, including medical billing and […]

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