Clients That Use Centricity Medical Billing Software Range In Size

Managing the finances in a small medical practice is a nightmare at the best of times, especially when the practice does not have the resources to employ someone full-time to do this and it ends up in the physicians themselves attempting to wade through the complexities of medical billing, manage the administrative side of things and keep up to date with all the changes in medical coding and billing.

When looking for an integrated system for the clinical and financial management for our practice a while back, another colleague mentioned Centricity Medical Billing Software, as he had been using it for a while and swore by it as the best system he had come across, and he was very pleased with the time and money his system saved him.

Being the type of person who likes to look into all avenues and various types of software before making up my mind, I did some thorough research on the Internet to see what systems were out there and which one would offer me everything that I needed without costing the earth. I found many systems in various formats being advertised, and discounted some of them immediately as they just did not seem reliable and did not get any really good reviews. On the other hand, I really liked what I read about the Centricity Medical Billing Software, specifically GE Healthcare’s Centricity Advance.

Of course the fact that GE’s Centricity Practice Solution was used by the U.S. Olympic Committee for the approximately 700 athletes that took part in the London 2012 Olympics and the nearly 3, 000 other athletes who had been seen by USOC doctors didn’t put me off any either. I mean, if a system is good enough to handle the health of those athletes then it would surely work wonders for our little practice.

What is Centricity Medical Billing Software?

The GE Centricity EMR Software is a system that offers a comprehensive suite of functionality for practice administration and electronic medical records (EMR). GE Healthcare has an extremely broad focus on systems that cover the entire continuum of healthcare services, so they designed the Centricity Medical Billing Software to integrate seamlessly with other external systems throughout the healthcare community. The software also integrates well with a diverse range of medical imaging systems, medical devices, and other GE Healthcare products.

What I really like about the Centricity Medical Billing Software is the unbelievable powerful interoperability. The Clinical Messenger support for communication with our patients and other medical practices that are involved in their care in some way or the other makes life so much easier for all concerned, and the interface engine fully supports the integration of the Centricity Medical Billing Software with various other third-party systems. This is time-saving as it allows for stress-less inputting of billing data, clinical notes and related data and the sharing of lab reports. The fact that all of this is done online via the billing software also means that there is no waiting for e-mails or hard-copies of reports, as everything can be accessed the minute the data has been inputted by the relevant lab or medical institution sharing the information.

Centricity Advance is a clinical management solution that is delivered in a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which means that it costs us less than a traditional client-server software deployment; it also means that it can be maintained, fully supported and upgraded with virtually no cost from our practice. The free text entry, simple forms, structured text, easy-to-build templates, and various other customizable solutions allow us to add any information we want to our clinical notes during patient visits when everything is still fresh in our minds, thus saving time and stress.

The Centricity Medical Billing Software is simply a modern technological tool that does what it what designed to do; make life easier for small practices, save on time and financial resources, allow all information to be accessed seamlessly, reduce administration costs, increase productivity, and facilitate quicker payments. In my humble opinion it is a system that no small medical practice should be without.

Benefits of Electronic Medical Billing Software

Centricity Medical Billing Software

The Centricity Medical Billing Software is an innovative web based electronic medical billing software solution that was designed to simplify tasks, improve accuracy and generally make patient billing more efficient for the smaller medical practice or independent clinician that does not have the unlimited resources that large organizations have.

The Centricity Medical Billing Software has many advantages:

  • Web based electronic medical billing software solutions are an affordable alternative for smaller practices, as there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or software.
  • The medical billing software is available online for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee.
  • The billing software provider upgrades and maintains the software
  • There is no need to hire someone to do the billing
  • There is no need to hire an IT specialist to manage the system
  • The medical billing software can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, by the administrators, as all data is stored securely offsite.

Centricity Advance software for medical billing and electronic medical records

This is the billing solution that I chose to go for, and I am ecstatic, as it does everything that it promises and far more besides. I am making use of the billing, electronic medical record management and healthcare practice management software, and I can truly say that it saves me a lot of time, money and stress. My patients love it too, because I now have more time to spend doing what I love best, attending to their needs, and they can also access their information via the self-service portal solution for patients.

Centricity Advance works for me because:

  • It was extremely easy to implement and even easier to use, after a bit of Web-based training, which is no mean feat for a technophobe like myself.
  • It improves the management of my cash-flow and my revenue cycle because the software increases the accuracy of claim submissions, something which was a problem before.
  • Co-pays are tracked more easily and payments via electronic payments are accelerated.
  • Practice management services automate tasks and integrate financial and clinical data throughout the practice, which streamlines administrative tasks, even without hiring extra staff, which is great as we have neither the resources nor space in the practice for more administrative staff.
  • The quality of care is enhanced because the electronic medical record technology with EMR software embeds the information better and more accurately in our workflow.
  • Patients love the fact that they have a personal portal with which we can connect them to their care. This means that they can go online at any time and view their scheduled appointments, communicate securely with myself or my partner, or request prescription refills.

Security of Patient Information

All of the data entered into the Centricity Medical Billing Software is stored safely in the GE advanced data center, which features 24/7 security officers, certified technical support, and redundant systems in the servers and the environment.

Encrypted backup solutions guard against very rare outages and the medical office billing system and the electronic medical records are protected from unauthorized access by dedicated firewalls. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) approach is used to secure data. SSL is the protocol proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the standard security approach for servers and Web browsers.


Centricity has achieved ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification, which means that meaningful users will qualify for federal EHR stimulus funds. The system is also CCHIT Certified, which is a testament to its all-embracing and deep functionality.


As a partner in a very small practice I can heartily recommend the Centricity Medical Billing Software for sleek and easily accessible design, intuitive use, the form templates that can easily be customized to your own stationery, and the fact that it takes mere minutes to input all information into the system, which I normally do whilst waiting for the next patient, and even sometimes while discussing treatment plans with my patients.

My patients love the personal patient portal as it makes them feel as thought they too have an input and some control over their care, and several have remarked that they have less billing errors since we have instituted this system. One of the features that has proven to be popular with my patients is the fact that they can easily request a prescription refill without having to get hold of me on the phone to do so, as this is sometimes a bit of a problem; they can even do it at ten o’ clock at night or at three in the morning if they suddenly realize that they have or are about to run out of their meds.

For me, I love the fact that everything is so easy and quick to do, which has lifted a great deal of stress off of my shoulders and left me free to do what I love doing, which is to help my patients to regain their health and wellness. Even my wife loves the Centricity Medical Billing Software as she says she gets to see more of me now as I am not spending every evening and weekends doing administrative work.