EZClaim Medical Billing Software Review

Medical billing, and more specifically medical billers offer a valuable service to health care professionals because they submit claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for services provided to a patient by a doctor, and Ezclaim Medical Billing Software provides an integrated medical billing system that is cost effective and easy to us, following certain codes and terminologies.

The idea is to choose medical billing software which is comprehensive; it does everything that is important. Does it do appointment scheduling, does it handle record maintenance, electronic medical records and billing? When you look for software for medical billing, it pays to look for a company who has been in business for a substantial time. Of course with any company there will be start-up costs, but a practice that starts slowly can build their business slowly but surely so that costs are not too much all at once. Choosing the right medical billing software for your office is important for profitability and efficiency. Medical billing software can help your practice achieve its goals and get paid faster.

Software for Single and Multiple Users

If you move across the country, you can still serve clients; you don’t have to start from scratch. Bills are delivered to the medical biller, and based on the information available in the bills, you enter the patient’s information as well as the physician’s information etc into the medical billing software. After entering the details, you submit it to the appropriate insurance company. Additional licenses can be purchased to allow multiple users to access EZClaim. Multi user purchasers can setup EZClaim on a client-server type network or a peer-to-peer style network.

Single user purchasers can install the database to a different computer located on the network or an external hard drive attached to your machine. Single users can install the program on an office or home computer or laptop. Multi users can install the program on more than one computer as long as it’s connected to a local network. Each office requires their own license.

The software is HIPAA compliant and can handle all electronic billing needs, and for anyone wanting to work anywhere anytime, a web hosted EZClaim Remote option is available. Other additional features include:

  • Authorizations
  • Posting of payments and adjustments
  • Claim templates
  • Procedure code library

EZClaim Advanced

A number of software and packages are offered to fit the needs of every client. EzClaim Advanced billing and scheduling software for instance provides both paper and electronic billing, making it easy to enter data, and prevent data entry mistakes. EzClaim medical billing software offers different levels of support when users maybe have a problem. They get free support from web site support tools, from their printed manual which comes with the software and also within the program by pressing F1 any time.

Reasons to use reasonably priced EZClaim Advanced:

  • It is fully featured and provides paper medical insurance billing capabilities. Add-on electronic features are available
  • Windows compatible – standard EZClaim packages are desktop applications that are Windows compatible.
  • Medical coding – they offer advanced code features that leverage searchable, provider libraries and reduce the likelihood of inaccurate claim submissions.
  • Scheduler integration – when EZClaim medical billing software is combined with EZClaim medical scheduling software, patient data is shared between programs simply and easily
  • Free reports – a number of reports to assist with claim management
  • healthcare fields – EZClaim solutions have been accepted by many different health care providers including general practitioners, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, surgical specialists and others

  • Easy and accurate data entry – the software contains features designed to ensure accurate data entry. Data fields have been matched to CMS 1500 form fields and you have the ability to pull up patients by name, ID or account number.
  • Clearinghouse billing ready – electronic features included for EZClaim Clearinghouse Services
  • Reduce claim rejections – the feature Provider Library reduces data entry mistakes
  • Direct electronic insurance claims submission – available with ANSI 837 Professional add-on module

Medical Billing Software Speeds Things Up in the Office

The demand for medical care is affecting the medical care industry in a positive way in that those in the medical industry forever looking at ways to improve the way medical services are being offered. Professionalism, efficiency and speed are important and medical billing software has given health care providers with a means to have an effective medical care system that meets the the needs of a growing population and more and more people, young and old, needing medical attention. Medical billing and coding professionals play an administrative role in the health care industry, and are a very valuable part of the entire health care industry.

When it comes to health insurance, professional medical billers and coders are employed to take on the task of classifying services rendered by all the different medical professionals there are, preparing health insurance claims and submitting them to the various insurance companies and awaiting payment from the insurance companies. Medical billers and coders play an important role in dealing with health insurance claims and seeing that the money is paid in the right proportions to patients and physicians.

EZClaim Software Come with Lots of Features

Keeping a medical practice running smoothly and efficiently is a huge challenge, and that it why each practice needs everything they can to make it efficient and profitable and medical billing software is a super idea to get things done quickly and efficiently. There are many different software choices with a variety of different features, but if you look on the Internet you will find there are plenty of tips as well as advice on getting the best medical billing software that will suit the needs of your office. You want software that can help you achieve your practice goals by being more productive.

Things like being user friendly, cost effective prices and the right features can help you choose the correct software. You want a system that can handle claims electronically, because you don’t want to have to waste time filing insurance claims when you can electronically send your insurance claims. Your practice can get your money faster without the stress of filing and refilling claims.

Choosing the right medical billing software for your office is essential to increasing profitability and efficiency. Medical billing software can help simplify unproductive office tasks and again put the focus back on reaching your practice goals. With the right software, your practice can get paid faster, enhance office efficiency, and save both time and money. Whichever software you choose, you can always ask questions, list your needs and you will get the software that is the right fit for your practice.

EZClaim Offers Multiple Levels of Products

EZClaim Medical Billing Software is designed exclusively for medical insurance and patient billing. No longer does keeping track of patient payments, insurance claims and billing routines need to be a challenge, and the key to a more productive billing process is to identify and implement applications that streamline all work linked to a busy medical practice. It is true that every medical practice approaches technology differently and there will be some practices that prefer an all-in-one practice management solution while others prefer using separate software components. There are options and it is all a matter of choice, and EZClaim medical billing software delivers. They are different to other medical billing solutions in that they offer multiple levels of products that let you determine the size of your application; from simple, paper-based billing applications to more comprehensive medical office solutions.


With the burgeoning population, small and large health care organizations are facing more and more demands and their patients and clients demand professionalism and high-quality services. Medical practices have to equip their staff with tools and resources to ensure this professionalism and to cope with any kind of challenge. Medical billing software allows you to achieve more, and Ezclaim medical billing software provides you with the software needed to succeed simply because they are experts in the field of software for medical billing. They offer a variety of software and packages which are guaranteed to suit the needs of all their different medical clients. Their Advanced software provides both paper and electronic billing, making it ever easier to enter data, and prevents data entry mistakes.

Technological advances ensure that medical records are managed and automated and is no longer the realm of huge hospitals. These days’ small private practices make use of medical billing simply because it reduces the time having to manually track medical procedures. Medical billing software helps to minimize repetitive and staff with this software have up-to-date information on patients, assisting with the entire process from when a patient check-in all the way to being billed. Electronic health records also help to keep errors to a minimum. Having a comprehensive electronic record reduces errors and increase productivity.