What Is The IDX Medical Billing Software Program?

Medical Billing is all about when you submit medical claims to insurance companies so that the practice can receive payment for services provided to a patient. Collecting money to fund your medical practice is dependent on an efficient medical billing process, and IDX Systems Corporation, which supplies IDX medical billing software is a health care information technology company offering software to hospitals, medical centers, clinics and private medical practices.

The software takes care of billing, scheduling, and patient registration, and thousands of medical professionals use the company’s practice management software to provide more efficiency in their facilities.

Every medical practice needs to maintain patient financial accounts to follow up on insurance claims and payments received, and most medical billing software is able to run on your PC or Mac. Some medical billing software doesn’t output claims in HIPAA format, and in this scenario, the case, the software relies on the clearinghouse to ensure that the data is accurate and converted to HIPAA.

There are some practices that prefer to outsource their coding and billing tasks and these sort of services can help you streamline your medical billing procedures in the shortest possible time.

Caters for wide Variety of Medical Professionals

Many medical billers opt to work from home, providing an electronic billing service for a wide variety of health professionals. There are also private health insurance companies who have started using work at home medical billing services simply because they realize that electronic billing is much more efficient than paper claim forms. IDX medical billing software prepares claims which are sent to the appropriate medical insurance company to be evaluated and paid. Some of the other features you will find are following up on rejected claims as well as maintaining patient billing accounts.

You can go into any medical practices, and the chances are good you will see someone using IDX software to input your patient information. The IDX system is owned by General Electric and the system is used by hospitals, medical firms as well as physician practices to schedule, bill, and manage patient medical records. IDX medical billing software is a computer program that can print out a claim form or send it electronically to the insurance company on which the forms contain detailed information about the patient and their surgical procedures.

Patients Medical History Always Confidential

IDX Systems Corporation has linked with Primetime Medical Software bringing a number of worthwhile improvements to the IDX medical software line up. With the integration of IDX Patient Online with the Primetime Instant Medical History package, patient and doctor communication has improved. Documentation and coding of the medical history of a patient has improved as well as the handling and keeping of medical records and their updating process.

Patients also don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of their medical history, what with the Patient Online eVisit technology, because with this software, medical histories go to the doctor. Patients also, can have access to their medical records, clinical and even the administrative matters related to their treatment. More and more medical professionals are seeing that IDX delivers solutions for the health care sector and has made the entire concept of practice management less complicated.

Features that Suit Your Particular Practice

Medical billing software has to stay at the top of industry changes, and the software a medical practice uses will reflect its professionalism. While medical billing software is a great option in a busy medical care office, there are many choices in software and features, but if you do your research on the Internet, you will find lots of tips and advice on medical billing software, and the one which will be best suited to your office’s needs. You will need to evaluate your current office systems and then choose medical billing software with features that will change un-productiveness into productivity in your office. You want to make sure the system you choose will work for your staff and make automatic backups of patient data each day.

The bottom line is that there are numerous advantages to using medical billing software. With automation of the invoice and claims process, a mere click of the mouse brings up information on the patient, the medical treatment they had, on which date and how much is owing. With medical billing software, paperwork and filing is drastically reduced.

Efficiency and Accuracy

There are many advantages to using IDX medical billing software and the top reasons are its efficiency and accuracy. Utilizing the services of a professional medical billing and coding company like IDX Systems, you can be assured of quality. IDX Systems Corporation provides software, services, and technologies for health care organizations. They make use of technology to maximize value in the delivery of health care by improving the quality of patient services. They provide a broad range of complementary and feature rich products and their medical billing software offers an assortment of benefits like 100% HIPAA compliance, weekly and monthly reports, affordable pricing a free trial offer.

Human Errors are Eliminated

Adding a server and medical billing software to your practice is a costly commitment but the benefits are worth it because your staff do their jobs with greater efficiency and accuracy. Web-based medical billing software is hassle-free with web-based software companies making updates and adding new features to their software. Another key benefit of having medical billing software is the elimination of human mistakes because web-based software catches mistakes so they can be corrected immediately and save your staff from having to re-submit claims.

IDX medical billing software has three main modules – the IDX Groupcast which deals with the patient access, the IDX Carecast which deals with integrating patient access and the accounting access. Billing staff use the software to bill what the patients were seen for and electronically send it off to the insurance company. One bonus is that the IDX medical billing software is equipped with a database of medical codes and be able to tag a price on each code that is entered into its system. The software program also has a auditor that will alert the biller to contradictions in the billing in order for the billing specialist to have a closer look. There is very little room for error when it comes to billing medical bills. If the bill is wrong, it can lead to non-payment and a long period of time wasted.

Medical billing companies have as their mission to deliver accurate medical billing and coding services every time and billing and coding experts use superb medical billing software such as IDX amongst others to process medical bills and claims with accuracy and which cover things like:

  • Billing and reconciling of accounts
  • Patient enrollment and scheduling
  • Insurance enrollment and insurance verification
  • Coding and audits
  • Financial management reporting
  • Billing and reconciling of accounts
  • Emergency room e-code evaluation
  • CPT medical coding
  • Accounts receivable collections
  • Insurance authorization
  • Medical coding audits
  • ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines

The overall process in any medical practice has become efficient, with documentation and coding of the medical history of a patient being much more readily available. Patients no longer need to worry that their personal information is not secure, because with advanced technology, all the medical history of a person is presented to the doctor. Another important aspect is that that IDX medical software packages can be customized to suit the very needs of each client and the medical practice.

IDX medical billing software has been adopted by some of the biggest health care institutions in the United States, and this is because IDX has made it quite clear that they are able to deliver better solutions for the health care sector and make the entire process of health care simpler and effective. IDX medical software has made practice management less complicated and medical professionals can deliver faster and more accurate treatments to their patients.

Each Medical Specialist Enjoys Customized Software

IDX medical billing software offers medical billing services to different medical specialists, for instance there is software suited to pediatric practices, orthopedic practices and radiology services amongst the many others. IDX offers training so that staff can become experts with extensive experience in delivering speedy and accurate services. Making use of advanced web-based billing software in their billing procedures, medical claims can be analyzed and reimbursements improved. IDX can accurately process and submit all pediatric, radiology and other specialist bills, ensuring quick and maximum reimbursement. To ensure accurate radiology medical billing services, the task should be outsourced to a professional company. Reliable service providers ensure compliance with HIPAA guidelines to guard against breach of confidentiality.


Practices are often reimbursed far below than what they are entitled for, and the reimbursements are often different despite the procedure being the same. These kind of discrepancies in reimbursements rates can be eliminated with IDX medical billing software which compares the actual payments received with the payments specified in each payer contract.