Running Your Practise With Lytec Medical Billing

Medical professionals simply don’t have enough time for medical billing, and they either hire professional medical billing staff or they make use of a professional medical billing firm which offers these type of services. To get the best results with medical billing, you need to be able to track every claim and also be accountable for every charge the doctor performs.

When you have a claim error, you need quick access to knowledgeable support, and these companies have support staff who will quickly sort out any problems. With Lytec Medical Billing it doesn’t matter if you are using the Lytec Single User, Multi User, or Client Server, the Microsoft SQL Database provides you with all the flexibility you need, and HL7 interface is also available to communicate with other devices and applications.

There are many different industries who use billing software, like medical claims managers, coding and billing staff, physician administrators as well as anyone responsible for billing in the health care industry. With the software, you will be able to:

  • Organize medical billing
  • Do daily and monthly balancing
  • Eliminate claim errors before they occur
  • Manage and track the entire insurance claim process
  • Single screen for patient account information
  • Track past due payments
  • Print professional patient statements including customized notes to encourage payment

Newer versions of the software have emerged, and it is a good idea to keep updated on the most recent versions. The company that supplies the software, will provide training, and thousands of people who have had the training will tell you that the software has been of huge help in contributing to the smooth running of the office, and with useful add-ons, this software is your one-stop solution for all your needs. With Lytec medical billing you will have your statements printed in an easy to read format so that patients are able to read their statements easily.

Many Useful Features

There are a number of useful features, some of which are AccuScrubber MX, Direct Claims, ApptBox, and Electronic Claims Processing. One particular component of the software is ApptBox, an automated communications application useful for notifying and confirming the appointment of patients. The ApptBox part is an automated communications application that allows a physician’s office to notify and confirm a patient’s appointment and other office related functions. ApptBox is capable of allowing patients to cancel or confirm appointments or even reschedule them, calls and reminds patients, updates the patient’s schedule and pulls patient data from your practice management system.

Completely scalable, the software is designed to grow with an expanding practice. One of the many features is scheduling – by making use of Lytec’s appointment scheduler, the user of the software can view appointments, and the flexibility of the system means the user can find the best appointment to meet the patient’s and the practice’s needs. With revenue management, checks are made for insurance eligibility before a service is performed. Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is translated and displayed , allowing the biller to review the payment information and make any necessary changes, and post each individual payment and adjustment. With billing, claims are generated using customizable rules-based grids. The flexibility of the grid system enables you to enter limitless claim submissions

With Lytec, Software Work is Completed Far Quicker

A medical billing specialist needs to have accuracy as one of their skills because they will be in charge of things like accounts, payroll, maintaining patient charts and performing insurance verification amongst others and Lytec Medical Billing software enables thousands of users to get their work done in double quick time For sheer convenience, there are programs that you can complete online but there are also others where you attend classes.

Heath care providers use a number of different medical billing software programs to keep track of their patients’ accounts and how much money has been paid and how much is still owing. Medical billing has evolved over the years and is very sophisticated, and for this reason medical professionals look for software that can be understood when it comes to invoices and insurance claims.

Lytec Medical Billing Software the Most Popular

Medical billing is privileged information, and you want medical billing software that has safeguards in place for privacy and which also provides accurate information. Since 1989, Lytec medical billing has been systematically introduced into thousands of health care facilities in order for them to manage their medical practices more efficiently. It is one of the more popular medical billing software programs, and their medical information is protected because they keep their database encrypted. The software has lots of other useful features, alerting users when a payment is due from an insurance company or a patient.

Years of development have meant there are medical office systems that meet all needs. Lytec is a combination of medical billing software as well as personal service, and with thousands of these systems being sold, they have become leaders when it comes to medical billing. Medical offices make use of the software to maintain and manage their patient information. The software is able to also handle medical insurance claims and keep track of payments.

Software Customized to each Medical Field

Medical software is fairly complex, but even so vendors have managed to customize applications for every kind of provider designation. For instance you will get Lytec software for a pediatric practice or a chiropractic practice and so on. The software is used for complete practice management solutions, and the professional sales staff of Lytec have all the expertise to help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the right billing software for your practice. Lytec Medical is a feature-rich software application, costing around $2,300. These specialized software systems are complete for each kind of medical practice.

Medical Billing Requires that You Are Well Trained

People who know medical billing can get excellent jobs if they have the right credentials. The top medical billing jobs require knowledge which comes from good training and experience. You may want to consider getting training health care billing software companies. If you want to pursue a top paying and responsible career in medical billing software you should get as much training as you can and also get all the certification and degrees that you can. There are medical schools that offer this training as well as online schools and programs, and you can also look at getting training in medical billing software. If you research carefully, you will find programs that will provide you with skills in software development. You can also find degree programs that offer specialties in the kinds of software you will work on.

It makes billing simple, with features that are typically needed in busy medical offices, and the cost of the system will be determined by the size and needs of each individual medical practice. Lytec medical billing software has many great features that make it of particular value to many medical establishments and because it is compliant with the Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act.

Accuracy of Billing Assured

When you visit the doctor, a detailed record will be kept of all tests and examinations that are performed with your particular condition. Once you have provided your insurance information to the doctor’s office, the medical billing cycle starts, however before a bill is submitted to an insurance company for payment, it must be coded, and this is where every service or procedure is provided with an alphanumeric code. Some electronic medical billing programs are able to assign codes automatically and the bill is checked manually by a staff person to ensure accuracy.

Once the coding process is finalized, the bill is transmitted to the insurance company. They in turn determine whether the patient was covered at the time of service, and also whether the treatment is appropriate for the diagnosis submitted. When everything is in order the bill is approved for payment, and the amount will depend on he permitted amount which varies on your particular policy. Once the insurance company has paid their portion of the bill, the doctor’s office will send a bill to the patient for the remaining amount. The medical billing department may attempt to collect money from the patient.


With Lytec medical billing, you can also join thousands of medical practices who enjoy making use of superior medical billing services the Lytec way. Thousands of systems have been sold because they realize that with Lytec, you get all the tools you need to manage patient accounting, insurance billing, claims tracking and appointments all streamlined for a smooth running medical practice. Lytec Medical billing software is amazing in terms of quality and performance, and the low cost also makes Lytec one of the best software programs available.

With Lytec, they will beat anyone’s price plus they provide a full range of high quality services after the sale. Their philosophy is that medical billing software shouldn’t cost a lot, but that you should get a lot from it.