How to Design a Medical Billing Resume

As with anyone else applying for a post, an individual who does medical needs to set up a medical billing resume to send to prospective employers. It is important that you do this correctly, as a resume that is difficult to read or contains irrelevant information will be relegated to the infamous File 13 very quickly. This means that it will take you forever to find employment, and in this day and age of major economic challenges, nobody can afford that to happen.

Whether you are applying for a position as a medical biller in a small concern such as a doctor’s office, clinic, or in a huge hospital, the rules for compiling your medical billing resume remain the same. Of course if you are just starting out in your career you will have less information, but the general concept and layout of the resume is identical to that of an individual who has been in the profession for years.

Tips on Compiling the Perfect Medical Billing Resume

1. Make it Easy to Read

The person doing the hiring, whether it is a human resources manager at a big hospital or the doctor or dentist in a small practice, gets hundreds if not thousands of applications for every position they advertise. This means that they will basically scan through the resumes that they receive and will discard those that have typos or are not laid out in an easy-to-read format forthwith.

If your medical billing resume is nicely laid out and easy to read it will be relegated to the pile of resumes to be read more thoroughly and may lead to an interview, if you manage to convey all your talents and how you can be of benefit to the institution succinctly.

2. Emphasize Your Strengths

There are various factors that make up the criteria for employment, including whether you will fit in with the team, what skills you can bring to the team and whether you are a dedicated employee or a clock-watcher. It is important that you highlight your strengths in your medical billing resume, such as the fact that you are a people-person and enjoy working in a team environment, or that you love challenges. Mention specific contributions that you made in your previous positions and detail specific quantifiable results that you achieved.

Highlight your strengths, your skills, accomplishments and experience clearly so that the person who is reading your resume can see them easily. Remember that they are busy people and do not want to spend too much time reading a resume where they have to look for the information they require to ascertain whether you will fit in with the team or not, it must jump out at them.

3. Detail all Training Relevant to the Position

Do not only mention your schooling or college courses in your medical billing resume. Those are important qualifications, but so is any other training that you have done that could be relevant to the position for which you are applying. This includes training on any computer programs, anything medically related and in-house courses that you may have done in previous positions.

This is important as it will tell the interviewer that you have done more than just a medical billing course, which shows that you have more knowledge, understanding and a will to continue to improve yourself so that you can deliver the best results to your employer. It will also tell them how much if any training they will have to spend time and other resources on.

4. Address the Job Needs

When compiling your medical billing resume, do not just do a blanket resume which you send out to fifty different institutions. You can draw up a template of your resume, but then you must make certain adjustments where necessary so that you address the needs of the particular post for which you are applying.

Make sure that that if the job advertisement specifically mentions the need for software skills you highlight the different types of programs on which you have experience. If they mention specific billing codes, emphasize the knowledge and experience that you have in working with those medical billing codes. If there is a special mention in the advertisement of HIPAA or EMR, make sure that you include all relevant experience you have on the subject.

5. Detail Your Experience

One of the most significant responsibilities of a medical billing specialist is the resolving of issues regarding rejected or denied claims and their resubmission. This is dealt with on a daily basis in every kind of facility, and is important because it involves thousands and even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding claims. Mention your skills in resolving these types of issues and give examples of previous issues you had and how you resolved them.

Detail all your experience in your medical billing resume, your understanding regarding co-insurance, write-offs, co-pays, and deductibles. These concepts are critical to any health care business, and a good knowledge and grasp of them is crucial and will work in your favor when applying for a position as a medical biller. If you do not have a huge amount of experience or are just starting out in this field, discuss your understanding of the medical billing process, the reimbursement process, and obstacles that may be encountered in getting payment.

6. Proofread your Resume

The work of a medical billing specialist is very important to financial health of the provider, therefore it is extremely important that they are precise and pay attention to detail. Should your medical billing resume contain grammatical, spelling or typing errors it will reflect badly and display that you are not careful and precise. Errors on your resume could put a prospective employer off, as they would be afraid that you could make mistakes with the coding and billing which could cost the business millions of dollars.

Sample Medical Billing Resume

The example below is a medical billing resume that is very simple, easy-to-read and clearly conveys the individual’s skills, experience and accomplishments.

Joan Smith
4352 James Street
Hoover, AL 35216
Home: 777-555-5555
Cell: 777-555-5577

Medical Billing Specialist

I am a detail-oriented, quality-focused professional billing specialist. I am highly experienced in reconciling patient and insurance payments and in successfully resolving billing disputes. I have a very successful track record in handling complex assignments and am proficient in various types of management software applications.

Key Skills

  • ICD-9, CPT-10, & Medical Terminology
  • Medical Insurance Billing, Medical Coding and Medical Transcription
  • Hardworking, motivated, energetic, dedicated, and professional
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to multitask, organized, disciplined and detail-oriented
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Insurance & Patient Aging
  • Online Claim Submission & ERA

Technology Summary

  • Extensive knowledge of Data Entry 8000-9000 KS, inventory and telephone systems.
  • Medical software knowledge: Medisoft, MediSys, MediNotes, and QuickBooks, Medical Manager and Office Hours, CPT-4 coding, ICD-9 coding, CM1500 forms and UB92 forms; INDA system.
  • MS Office: Word, Excel, Outlook

Education & Certification

Diploma – Medical Billing and Coding, the Academy of Medical Transcription and Professions (1998)
Degree – Medical Billing Specialist Hartman College, Phoenix, AZ (2005)
Certified Coding Associate – American Health Information Association (AHIMA), 2006

Professional Experience

Medical Billing Specialist:
Feb. 2009 – Present, Dedicated Reimbursement Solutions, Hoover, AL

Responsibilities and Results:

  • Improved revenue for most recent provider by more than 34% with same patient load
  • To apply payments to patient accounts in an accurate manner
  • Ensuring that all claims submitted are entered and submitted with 48 hours of receipt
  • Insuring the accuracy of insurance claims.
  • Verifying correct ICD-9 and CPT codes for a variety of specialties
  • Posting and reconciling insurance and patient payments.
  • Researching and resolving incorrect payments, EOB rejections, and various other problems with outstanding accounts
  • Billing for Family Medicine, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Mental Health specialties
  • Assigning ICD-9 to physicians diagnosis, insuring right level of service and various other CPT codes
  • Setting up of practice management software for submission of electronic claims to the clearinghouse and communicating with them to resolve file compatibility issues
  • Retrieving Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs)
  • Sending secondary claims upon processing of primary insurance
  • Answering and resolve patient billing inquires
  • Following up on Insurance and patient aging.
  • Resubmission of insurance claims as required
  • Insuring that all office practices are in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations

Medical Biller:
Dec. 2003 – Dec. 2008, EZBILL Medical Billing Company, Phoenix, AZ

Responsibilities included:

  • Billing for commercial and medical and carriers, follow-up on delinquent accounts, data entry, filing and copying documents, and answering phones
  • Developing spreads for tracking claim checks for physicians
  • ICD-9 coding verification, data entries and updating of patients’ demographics using the Medisoft system
  • Verifying Medicaid status using the ePACES online system

Medical Records Clerk:
Jan. 1998 – Nov. 2003, Advanced Medical Services, Phoenix, AZ

Responsibilities included:

  • Scheduling appointments for patient visits and documenting clinical notes
  • Filing and maintaining health information records
  • Processing correspondence in a timely and systematic fashion
  • Compiling and preparing reports and documents accurately
  • Scheduling meetings and work assignments to meet deadlines

It is always preferable that you proofread your resume at least twice, and get a fresh pair of eyes to read it over; this could be a friend or family member. Attach a covering letter to your medical billing resume detailing the post for which you are applying.