What To Know About Medical Billing Services

When we think about essential services of a hospital or a general practitioner’s offices we immediately think about what the doctor does first. If it wasn’t for the doctor, then there would be no services and then there would be no hospital or doctor’s office. What we do not often think about is all of the work that goes on behind the scenes and how many people it actually takes to make the health care system work in the way that it does.

One of the many services that we never think of is that of the medical billing services of the clerks who go through the stresses of getting the money back into the health care system.

Benefits of the Medical Billing Service to Health Care

One of the most obvious benefits of medical billing services to the health care system is that when a practice can outsource their medical billing to a third party or a company that specializes in medical billing they can save quite a bit of their budget because they do not have to employ specific people who do this function on a full time basis within the business and they do not need to set up the infrastructure which enables a medical billing clerk to do their job professionally.

A medical billing company can also provide different services which the medical facility will find useful. These services include:

  • Verifying whether a patient can claim from their insurance
  • Filling in computer based lab requisition forms
  • Checking prescriptions
  • Reminding patients of their appointments
  • Checking in patients and collecting co-payments

In the electronic era it is difficult for smaller practices to keep or convert all of their paper based files to an electronic format. Medical billing services have computer software which can help these medical offices to convert all of their written files to electronic records and help them to keep track of their accounts.

Medical billing services can alsoMedical Billing Services help smaller offices to comply with the HITECH act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health act) which gives incentive to medical offices who use certain medical software programs and because these billing service offices are already using these software programs, they can help the medical office to convert their systems and to implement the electronic systems which will help them to avoid the penalties that will be imposed once the cut off date has been reached. Instead, they can make use of these facilities to take advantage of the incentives that are being supplied to the practices who comply.

Benefits of Medical Billing Services to the Public

Service by your medical health provider should at all times be pleasant and professional. The service you receive should not be hampered by a fight over finances. For this reason, you are at a benefit if your health care provider leaves their billing to a medical billing service instead of dealing with it by themselves. This means that if you have settled your previous bills and there is a discrepancy on the records, you fight is with the medical billing service and not the office of your health care provider which leaves that relationship still intact.

Because the medical billing facility is outsourced, your health care provider does not need to have the manpower to handle this function of the business as well which means that they have the staff available to see to your needs and to concentrate on the general admin and keeping of your medical records and information.

Medical billing services use software that has been specifically designed for this function which means that your financial records with a certain health care provider will be handled professionally and will be done accurately because they can afford to specialize in the task at hand and assist you with claiming from your health insurance so that you don’t have to deal with that process as well.

By having a department that deals specifically with the billing and collecting of the fees for the health care professionals, they save the patients time as well. Bills can be processed and sent through for payment either to the patient or the health insurance and be followed up so that there will be no unnecessary charges for late payment because the billing process took too long and now there are extra interests charged.

Coping with the Economic Crisis

When an economic crisis hits the world, it is not only the consumer who is hard hit, but also the suppliers of goods and services. People start to cut things out of their budgets that are not completely necessary. Bills become harder to pay and services become more difficult to pay off. Credit cards are used on a daily basis where cash used to be more available.

Medical billing services can help the medical health practitioner to collect the fees that are still outstanding and to send out the bills to patients. The also follow up on payments that need to be made from health insurance companies as they are not always paid on time and the practice still has bills to pay and need to get these accounts paid up to date to meet their responsibilities.

There is absolutely no doubt that having a medical billing service on your side will help your practice cope financially with all of the costs involved with the daily running. While you collect on your debts and fees payable you will also be saving on salaries because you don’t need to employ an accounting officer to deal with all of the debt collections and you can save of buying in all of the technology and software that the practice will need to do so.

Doing administration also comes with the usage of stationary and because you will not need to buy in any of the stationary involved in sending out bills you will have a bit of a saving on your stationary budget as well.

All in all, outsourcing is so beneficial for all health care practices that more health workers are outsourcing this function and can carry on trading and spending the much needed time and resources to cure the sick and help the needy.

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