What To Know About Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Every medical practice needs to have a well run accounting system that is on time and always accurate, and Medisoft medical billing software provides an efficient patient accounting system, performing most tasks that were previously done manually. Of course, to use the software, you need skilled medical billers who form part of a health care team. Medical billers process insurance claims and maintain electronic record-keeping systems.

Quick Access to Information

How much time do you spend searching for information on patients and how quickly can staff respond to queries on prescription refill requests or what amount is still outstanding on an account? In the past patients were given many forms to fill in and these always had a jumble of numbers and letters that basically described everything linked to the patient; from services performed to diagnosis and treatments. These codes are then used on the patient’s bills.

Medical coding goes hand in hand with medical billing; the bottom line is that both are designed to ensure that medical reimbursement claims are processed quickly and easily. Medical billers need to understand all aspects of health care, the different medical insurance options, as well as regulations around billing and coding. The cash flow of a medical facility relies heavily on the biller’s ability to accurately process claims and deal with billing and collection procedures. Submitting an electronic claim takes just a few seconds while paper claim submissions take far longer.

Veterinary Clinics Making use of Billing Software

Many people regard their pets as part of the family and to this end, even veterinary clinics are making use of veterinary practice management software to improve client communications and billing practices. They have also come to value electronic medical records, especially since their clients are wanting more efficient services and pet health records. Just like other medical practices, it is important for veterinary practices to optimize their cash flow, and medical billing software allows billers to determine which clients have unpaid invoices and the amounts outstanding.

Users can automatically apply discounts and taxes by procedure. Reports can be generated to see how much money is owed and by whom, and billers can follow up on overdue invoices and ultimately improve cash flow. Veterinarians give so much attention to the pets they see, that they often neglect client communications. Medical billing software for vets allows you to flag client and pet records and set up system alerts on clients who don’t pay their bills.

Medisoft is HIPAA compliant

In order for hospitals and doctor’s medical practice’s to run smoothly, the biller has to know about clearinghouse and an A/R, and know how to communicate with insurance companies, submit all claims and contact patients to ensure the highest possible return of revenue. Using standard medical billing procedures and software ensures you are complying with regulations in the industry. Medisoft medical billing software is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which means they have adopted certain standards for electronic health care transactions. The act was enacted by Congress in 1996, and by conforming to HIPAA guidelines, patient’s personal data is secure.

All Medical Treatments and Equipment are Coded and Billed

A large part of health care expenses include things like equipment, bandages, prostheses, implants and medical apparatus, and all of these have to be properly coded and billed to the patient as well as the health insurance provider for reimbursement. The medical biller must know the claims processing guidelines for different health care plans. The best medical coding and billing programs have a wide range of computer equipment and software available.

When you are looking for the best medical billing software, the process of getting a list of possible providers can be frustrating. Fortunately the Internet provides you with comparisons and all references have been checked, saving physicians and practices time from having to sort through the different software providers. There are those who have done the search for you and they offer advice on products and services that can make your search that much easier. They can help you decide if outsourcing to a medical billing company would be a good idea and any potential red flags in a medical billing services contract.

Medisoft Advanced

With the Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting System software for instance, the medical facility can enjoy an accounting system which is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With its log-off feature unauthorized use of the software is eliminated. Medisoft software is also user-friendly with Windows compatible features and commands and uses of Medisoft software can get help from a Medisoft technical support staff online or through phone. They also offer the Advanced Practice Management software that integrates tasks such as billing and collection and managed care services. With Medisoft Advanced Practice Management software, the biller can provide professional, efficient and timely health care. If medical practices are in any doubt about the software, they can enquire about a demonstration of the software at Microwize

Go for a Free Trial to See if the Software is what You Want

There are several other types of software available at Medisoft that can support a health care practitioner’s private practice. It has virtually everything that will make building a private practice, either individually or with a group, an easier task. Medisoft provides multi-function support necessary to bring efficiency to the business of medical practice. For more information on how Medisoft software can benefit your medical practice, you may visit the Medisoft site online. There are also Medisoft accredited sites that offer demonstrations on how Medisoft can work to your advantage, as well as free-trial software that you can use to test the software in your businesses.

Software Packages

Medisoft has made medical billing simple and they have offered some of the best tools ever, like their medical billing software package which comes with all the features that any medical facility would need to perform their daily duties. From all the well-known names of medical billing software, Medisoft billing software is one of the best and they are continuously making their products more effective and more productive.

Why is Medisoft the Best?

  • Medisoft billing software program benefits all medical facilities in that it simplifies the administration aspect of billing. All claims and statements are managed in one central location.
  • Medisoft allows billers to create, send and track claims and statements easily. All claims and statements are managed in one central location.
  • Medisoft has features that other software doesn’t have: patient quick entry, administrative dashboard, and the scheduled file maintenance program. One of their unique features is something known as global days that allow medical professionals seeing their patients after surgery to handle billing for post-op procedures.
  • The help file allows staff to do a number of things at once, like scheduling an appointment and putting it on hold in order to tell a patient their next appointment. There is no need to first exit out of each application in order to open a new one.
  • Reduced claim denials because it has the capability to check for eligibility requirements before the appointment of the patient. There is also a built in collection system for the claims that were not paid. The system also keeps track of the days the bill is unpaid and sends alerts when payments have not been collected in a certain time.


Medical billing software enhances any kind of medical practice because they efficiently take care of insurance claims, helping physicians manage their practices with less staff. Billing services fall into different categories – those that offer claims-only services and those that combine claims with management services. All medical professionals are finding that with medical billing software they are achieving success with their billing services. Medisoft medical billing software isn’t about you battling along on your own.

They offer training which will enable the medical biller to get all the skills and knowledge needed to obtain an entry-level position in the medical billing and coding field. With medical billing training, you become familiar with all the basics of medical terminology, coding, medical billing, pharmacology and more. With step-by-step manuals or tutorials you will be provided with easy learning about one of the more popular medical office billing and practice management software packages. Users of the software will be able to find out everything they need to know and with the manual they will quickly become proficient in using MediSoft.

When you link computers and users into a single network it makes it far easier to manage a busy health care practice who are looking for a streamlined medical office. With Medisoft medical billing software this is possible because they have integrated their best software features into the MediSoft Network Professional software system. With this software, no matter how quickly your medical practice grows and expands, MediSoft allows for expandability without having to buy new software. With Medisoft you get a low priced software program with many features that is one step ahead of other medical billing software.