Does The Medisoft Medical Billing Software Offer Any EDI Solutions?

EDI in the healthcare industry means electronic data interchange and this just means that it is the way that computers exchange information in a standard language.

The Medisoft medical billing software program is capable of the full transmission of sending a claim electronically over the network to the waiting insurance company.

From the start of the claim being processed to the payment from the insurance company, the Medisoft medical billing program can reassure it’s users that the process will be completed with no complications. Payment is very important to the medical facilities because they would not be able to medical practice company stay in business. The physician would not get paid and no one else would if the billing software was not up to par.

The Medisoft medical billing program has the eligibility capabilities to make sure that the service that is going to be performed by the physician is going to be covered by the insurance company and if it is found out that it is ineligible, then other arrangements can be made before the patient walks in the door for the appointment. Appointments can be made in the Medisoft medical billing software and these appointments can be sent to the payers of each individual patient. Responses from the payers usually come back pretty quickly on the eligibility requirements of the service.

Sometimes there are things that the medical facility has to do in order to make the service eligible and that has nothing to do with the patient. If these requirements are not done, then the service is not paid for and that is on the office staff and not the patient so this billing software helps to make sure that the staff in the medical facility do what they are supposed to do in order for the claim to get paid.

Many insurance companies have standards for paying the claims and they do not have any kind of gray area. If a requirement for a service was not done, then it is the doctor’s loss and that is all there is to it.

The Medisoft medical billing software also takes care of the remittance processing which allows the billing staff to be able to post an EOB or explanation of benefits within seconds of the remittance advice processing which cuts down on paperwork, increases accuracy, and eliminates processing costs.